ویدئو شماره 44


Note! This function is an add-on that is limited to Atelier version.

General specifications

The feature was developed in order to be able to print your models at scale 1:1 on a desktop printer.

You can select, between different page formats, a specific printing layout and considering the maximum length and width of the selected piece, are calculated how many pages are necessary to print it at a real scale. 

All the calculated pages are displayed in the in the working area, on top of the selected piece, as a group of rectangles which have the width and the length of the selected page format.

In the below picture the selected piece is printed on a A3 desktop printer, so its maximum length and width fits on three A3 papers (one A3 page is marked in the red rectangle).

Each A3 paper contains a letter and a number (A1, A2, A3) which can help you to easily identify each page and contain also some marks (+) that are used to perfectly join the printed pages.

How to use the function:

  1. Go on general tool bar and select Easy-print
  2. Select from working area the pieces that you need to export, as indicated in Step 1.
  3. Set the PDF file layout for the parameters displayed in the Step 2: